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Welcome to I Medici!

The I Medici di McGill Orchestra is inviting non-professional and professional musicians, particularly - but not exclusively - medical students, practitioners and/or those with biomedical background, to join the ensemble. 

The orchestra is always looking for good string players, brass and occasionally other wind instrument players.

If you are interested in joining / auditioning,  please send an email to Alexandre Sheasby signaling your interest:

Additional Information

Audition process

Candidate members must upload a 3–5-minute audition video (can be taken from a cellphone) with a piece of their choice. The video must be uploaded to a Google Drive link that Alexandre will send you once you contact him.


I Medici di McGill Orchestra has 2 concerts per year, Nov-Dec and Apr-May. Each concert has 8-12 rehearsals on Mondays between 6:45PM and 9PM at the McIntyre Medical Building, 3rd floor. Parking is available - please contact Dr. Ante L Padjen for more information. 



We have a tradition of holding our concerts at the Church of St Andrew and St Paul, about a 5-minute walk from the Guy-Concordia metro on the Green line. We take pride in the fact that most concerts are benefit concerts for causes related to healthcare or humanitarian aid (fundraisers for Ukraine, hospital foundations, etc).

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