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Drawn from a talented pool of physicians, medical faculty, medical and other students, colleagues and friends, the orchestra brings a unique humanistic, artistic and social dimension to medical education and the medical profession. In 1989, Dr. Ante L. Padjen founded the orchestra with an aim to reinforce the study of humanities at the Faculty of Medicine of McGill University.


A word from our founder
Dr. Ante L. Padjen

What propels successful doctors and scientists with hectic lifestyles to devote three hours of their week to a non-professional orchestra? For many, this is a return to something they cherish and really enjoy.

The orchestra allows musicians to express themselves in spite of having turned away from musical careers. I observe a work ethic that almost surpasses that of professional musicians. Highly skilled professionals in various fields, the orchestral members are able to apply their focus and discipline to the practice of music.

The thought of life without music is unimaginable to me; it’s like asking if you can live without food or air. Music is communication. I’m happy to be alive and to be able to play it.



Sunday, May 12, 2024, 4PM

Third Cedars Symphony for 'The Bell'

I Medici di McGill Orchestra in collaboration with the Trio de l'Ile is thrilled to announce a concert that aims to raise awareness and funds for three important patient centred programs at the MUHC’s Cedars Cancer Centre: ‘The Bell’ Fund, the Healing Notes Program, and the Cedars CanSupport.


The concert will be held May 12th at 4PM at The Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul.

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